Cassandra Clare


ghost boy,
breathe in, breathe out and draw
my life from me. my hair is growing grey
with your existence, your smiles
speed up time till i am dead. this bed
is still shaking, this heart
stopped aching. i no longer believe
your blood flows red.

you do not
play fair.

Times Square from above.
Suppose you do change your life.
& the body is more than
a portion of night—sealed
with bruises.
written by Torso Of Air, Ocean Vuong


my greatest talent in this world is freaking out and slaughtering anyone who shows me any sort of positive attention and only being romantically attracted to people who hate me and want nothing to do w me…. thought u were supposed to Grow Up and Grow Out Of that by like 12 but nope! love it!

You are just that girl who looks
like her sister
at her sister
and can’t imagine her life
being anything
but exactly the same –

that girl who looks
in a mirror
three years later
and can’t remember
how to recognise
her own face.

written by l.a.w.changes
your eyes - dark brown and
simple. people like to talk
about eyes sparkling but this
i’ve never seen. Your eyes
are just eyes
until you look at me.
written by, your eyes

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