your ribs are not a cage, but a fortress.
your veins are not rivers impossible to cross.
you are not a prisoner of the war
being waged against your body.
you are only lost.
written by L.W., find me
you were written off,
turned into a tragedy
of blood and empty stomachs,
of wolves in your veins howling
to get out.
they carved it in stone: you were a tragic hero falling
at your own hands
robbed of your luck.
you had the bravery to stand up
and every day, every minute you stay
you are changing fate
you are turning stone to dust.
you are rewriting yourself.
I am so proud
I am so proud
and you are more than enough.
written by L.W., you won’t hear this enough
You have never
Will never
Grow tired of this.
When fatigue hits
Everyone else and they tire, decide to settle
build a house
build a love
build a life
you go on.
One foot and then another, running away from
The world.
Just for the rush
Of escaping, for the rush
of taking a breath
after drowning for so long.
Forever has always frightened you but this
seems to fit.
written by running away, L.W.
This was never supposed
To mean anything. My ribcage
Was a security fence, fortified
Against anything that could tear it down,
Electrifying anyone
that tried
but somehow your piano player fingers
Found their way through.
I’m on the other side of the world now
and I still
look for you.
written by musician, L.W.

there are no right words for this.
I do not have answers,
only lead in my chest
and bitter remarks that only fit
other people, other things.

I am trying to explain it
but sometimes there is no cause,
only effect. and I have a running list
of thoughts that don’t make sense. like,
it feels wrong and I am tired, and
tired of making it up.
and every nice thing you say is like a kick to the gut.
and I keep getting the urge to hurt you, to tear you down
and I don’t like
being like this.
And I don’t know why
And I don’t know how to be
with you

There are no right words for this
but it’s late and
I’ve had a good week
but when I see your name
my heart drops and suddenly
I am weary to the core
and the wrong words
tumble out.

written by

L.W., break up

my bones are not built for anger
and they snap
every time
written by L.W., brittle
Don’t think I do not feel rage
because I release it in softer
ways. there are forces to be reckoned with inside me
that I’ll never let out.
A longing that could make this country drown,
A love that could set this house on fire.
I have inflicted too much
destruction on my own body
to ever want to see it
on something else.
written by L.W.

I can hear the drum
beat. count the
seconds pass.
My heart

I run. The tempo quickens
and I sway
to it. People dance against me
and I let them. I need
this. I pull them closer
and listen
to the music.

every word
turns to
‘come back’

written by L.W., Come Back
The world is made of dust
where you came from.
I was only returning
you home.
written by L.W.

I am dead. You look at me
without seeing, I scream
and you keep laughing. Don’t stop laughing,
baby, it kinda sounds
like a heartbeat. ba-bum ba-bum
ba-bums. you sound so alive
I don’t understand how people like you die.
how people like me die,
how anyone dies
without being noticed. The distance between your laughter and this
is endless. I don’t understand how people
like you die.

but who
is like anyone? no one. maybe this is how
we go. lose a box of things and you’ll
find it but a single sock, single pen,
single ring, and nobody blinks.
We are all our own person
not tied down to anything.
When the wind catches,
there’s nothing to snag on.

I thought I was tied to you,
baby, but some knots fray
or slip. Some ropes are so long and you think
that means your love is endless
but really you’re long gone
before it even goes taut.
This is how we die.
This is how
we leave.

written by l.w., A Eulogy